Lets Talk Gameplay (2)
January 10, 2013, written by Monogon Aril, Design, Gameplay

Some time ago Ingmar told you a bit about the gameplay of Aril, if you´re not really sure anymore what things like Arils or Yeons are then it´s probably a good idea to click here and read his post for more information. Ingmar hasn´t found the time yet to talk more about gameplay, so here I am, saving your day and ready to explain what Ghost Mode is and how it can help you improve your tactics and beat the enemy.

Yeons, the creatures that you send out to claim more territory, possess Ghost Mode for those times when they get into trouble or needs to work around those nasty defensive Arils that the enemy has positioned around the area you just moved into. You´ve gotten stuck in an isolated part of the level and now have to watch as one after another your Arils are blown up and the enemy moves deeper into your lands slowly but surely destroying your gains. But do not fear! Ghost Mode is here! Simply activate this astral form and move through his territory (and Arils) to get to that isolated part of the level that you claimed earlier which your enemy hasn’t noticed yet. Once back onto your own field of influence (meaning an area you claimed earlier) you can pop back into action and start moving out again.
Wait what? I hear you think. Why did I even build these defenses if he can just move through them so easily?
Don’t worry, a Yeon can only reemerge from ghost mode once he is back on his own land and he can’t claim any more territory as long as he is in Ghost Mode. So he always loses time as he moves across the level. Meanwhile, if you stay alert and notice his escape maneuver, you might be able to take advantage and quickly claim the area he has now left undefended, perhaps gaining those few extra points needed to obtain victory.

Ghost Mode also makes it very important that you always watch out for vulnerabilities within your territory. Did you overlook that one tile there that still has his color? Maybe you should keep an Aril close by just in case he manages to get there in Ghost Mode and starts spreading his own influence, or just take the time to go there with your own Yeon and claim that last bit just to be sure.
Time is extremely valuable in Aril though, a player can be winning one second and suddenly lose everything as his enemy enacts some master plan and gets behind your defense line. Some tactics we have thus far discovered completely revolve around trying to trap the enemy Yeon using Arils in an isolated part as he is advancing and then taking over his territory quickly while he tries to escape.
Others include moving an Aril past a Rana to disrupt the generation of a new Aril and stalking the enemy Yeon with your own Yeon, we will tell you more about such strategies another time.

The game allows you to use your creativity and try out new strategies to win in a multitude of ways, we’ve now discussed a couple of the core elements that make Aril so great but there is still more to come!