Look! A wild trailer has appeared!
May 5, 2013, written by Ingmar Aril, Art


So this trailer shows off a couple of new things, and most importantly the new art style. We got a lot of comments and feedback on the art style we had a long time ago, and we took our time to figure out something that would satisfy the most people. In the end we decided to go even more stylised than before, so check this out.

Bam! That looks a lot better! Now don’t get too excited, that is just a promotional image. In game, you’d still have a top-down view otherwise you’d have no clue what you were doing. Let’s get into more detail what exactly has changed, and explain a couple of those changes.

First and I guess most important of all, the ‘ground’ has a texture now. Your territory now has stones. Or flesh, or plant-like things, or scales. The textures are bound to the color, though. There are multiple reasons for this change. One is that it simply looks a lot better than simply a color. Another is that it reads a lot better (especialy if you’re color-blind). Also they make the colors look more badass.

Secondly, the walls are now straight (no discrimination intended). This was one of the harder things to decide, but ultimately we decided it eliminated the awkward blend of abstract geometric shapes and curvy organic looking walls that we previously had. Also, straight walls look more badass.

There are a couple more changes, but nothing large enough to explicitly talk about. What do you think of how the game looks now? More badass? Not badass enough? Just the right amount of badass? Anything not related to the level of badass-ness? Comment on the blog, throw a book in our face or kidnap a bird and let the bird do the talking.