Let’s talk gameplay
October 3, 2012, written by Monogon Aril, Design, Gameplay

Aril is a game which is not too hard to understand but has some interesting mechanics that give the game a lot more depth. However, to get to the in-depth gameplay and strategies and the like, we first have to understand the basics.

So basically Aril is a game that has a lot of similarities to RTSes like Starcraft or Age of Empires. However there are also a lot of fundamental differences, which is why calling Aril an RTS might confuse more than it clarifies. One of the major differences with regular RTSes is that in Aril there are no resources. So how does that work?

Your goal is to get as much territory as possible. You conquer territory by moving your Yeon through neutral or undefended enemy territory. Your Yeon is like your main unit, or hero unit, so to speak. It cannot die, but can also do no harm. Your Yeon claims territory as it moves about. If you claim a Rana, the Rana will produce units every so often. Ranae are similar to factories or other unit production centers in regular RTSes.

So now you have a little bit of territory and a Rana under your control. However, the enemy can claim your territory just as easily as you captured it. So what do you do? You defend it. The units produced by the Ranae are called Arils. These are similar to the average disposable unit in any RTS game. You can use them to defend or attack.

How does defending work? Quite simple really, none of your units can pass enemy units. An Aril will block enemy Arils or Yeons. How does attacking work? Also quite simple. You send your Aril to an enemy Aril and KABOOM! Both your Aril and the enemy Aril are dead. This allows you to get past enemy blockades and continue claiming territory with your Yeon.

This pretty much sums up the real basics of the rules in Aril. As you might have noticed, there were quite a few similarities to your average RTS, but we promise you that Aril is different. How different? Remember how in most RTSes matches can take up to an hour? In Aril, your average game length is about five minutes. Five minutes of intense strategic combat, that is.

Next time we’ll discuss more advanced techniques, including Ghost Mode and how eco-harassment works in Aril.