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Rewriting Aril Comments
April 4, 2013, written by Maxim Aril, Game Development, Technical

Currently we are in the process of rewriting the code for Aril. This sounds counter intuitive seeing as we’ve already worked on it for more than half a year. But I will try to explain why this is not a waste of time and why in fact it is a very smart move to make. Continue reading


F.A.Q. Comments
March 28, 2013, written by Ingmar Aril, Art, Design, Gameplay, Monogon, Technical

Alright, here are some questions we have recently heard a lot and we decided to put together this list.

Q: What is Aril?

A: Aril is a unique fast-paced multiplayer strategy game designed to be very easy to learn but very hard to master. Because the gameplay is very pure in strategy, being skilled truly makes you better. Continue reading


Where are we now? Comments
March 21, 2013, written by Simon Aril, Monogon

I know a lot of you are wondering what is going on with Aril, mainly because I’ve heard this question a lot lately. We haven’t talked about Aril in a while but I can assure you we are working very hard. The reason we haven’t had any new developments to show is because the engine is being rewritten in MonoGame. This allows us to easily port the game to other platforms. But that’s not all folks. Continue reading


The World of Aril Comments
February 14, 2013, written by Ingmar Aril, Design, Gameplay, Story

This week we’ll talk a little bit about the setting of Aril. The basic concept is that there are different factions battling over a newly grown universe. Each of these factions has their own color and ruler, called an Overlord. An Overlord is not really important for the gameplay, but basically the Overlord is like a king you fight for.

Continue reading


Presenting Aril Comments
February 7, 2013, written by Simon Aril

So yesterday was the first time we showed Aril to the public. We had the privilege to showcase our game at the monthly network-lunch of the Dutch Game Garden along with our Global Game Jam game. It was a great success and it was very fun to see people play and enjoy our games. Especially since the last few weeks have been devastating. Continue reading


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