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Developing Aril’s Art Comments
January 24, 2013, written by Ingmar Aril, Art, Design

Guess what? Developing a game takes a long time. Especially so if the game is a multiplayer game made without game-making tools like Unity or Adobe Flash. Nevertheless, we make games and continue to work on it until it is finished, which in Aril’s case is almost eight months now. Fair enough, we can’t work on Aril full-time because we are all still students, but eight months is a long time. However, we are nearing the final months of development and we have an exciting time ahead of us.

There are a lot of decisions you have to make while developing a game, and sometimes (actually quite often) you don’t know what the right choice was until you’ve already built it into the game. If you find out you made the wrong choice, time is lost and you have to make new stuff. One of the things that took a lot of time while making Aril was the art-style. There were a multitude of problems with both conceptualizing the art-style as well as making the graphics themselves, and it’s fair to say that finding an art-style that we personally are happy with took too long a time. Continue reading


Lets Talk Gameplay (2) Comments
January 10, 2013, written by Monogon Aril, Design, Gameplay

Some time ago Ingmar told you a bit about the gameplay of Aril, if you´re not really sure anymore what things like Arils or Yeons are then it´s probably a good idea to click here and read his post for more information. Ingmar hasn´t found the time yet to talk more about gameplay, so here I am, saving your day and ready to explain what Ghost Mode is and how it can help you improve your tactics and beat the enemy. Continue reading


Pick your poison Comments
December 26, 2012, written by Ingmar Aril, Art, Design, Story

In the world of Aril it is important to know who you are and to who you belong. It’d be weird to fight a battle on the wrong side, right? So, to give the players the freedom of who they are but are still part of the faction of their choosing, we thought a lot about customization in Aril.
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Let’s talk gameplay Comments
October 3, 2012, written by Monogon Aril, Design, Gameplay

Aril is a game which is not too hard to understand but has some interesting mechanics that give the game a lot more depth. However, to get to the in-depth gameplay and strategies and the like, we first have to understand the basics.

So basically Aril is a game that has a lot of similarities to RTSes like Starcraft or Age of Empires. However there are also a lot of fundamental differences, which is why calling Aril an RTS might confuse more than it clarifies. One of the major differences with regular RTSes is that in Aril there are no resources. So how does that work?

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